Professional Benefit Auctioneer and Consultant for Fundraising Events

Pre-Event and "Virtual" Gala Consultation

Frankly, this is the most important part.  Making the auctioneer a part of the team is critical to fundraising success.  That’s why pre-event consultation is a key service benefit!  Hearing the organization’s goals, understanding demographics of supporters, adhering to best practices regarding timing and venue set-up, and designing a run-of-show schedule that maximizes revenue is not just the organization’s goal, it’s Darin’s goal, too!

Thinking of going Virtual? Darin was one of the first auctioneers in Indiana to help shape, and participate in, a virtual live gala, in April, 2020. Comments from the organizers indicated that Darin’s input was invaluable to the success of the event. Darin can help you, too!

Darin can bring tried-and-true methodology, gained from years of experience, to each client.  Much of the benefit of hiring a professional auctioneer is gained months before the night of the gala!

For Example: Item procurement (putting good stuff in your live and silent auctions) is a challenge for many of our clients. Here’s a great article about best practices for having a “Procurement Party” !

Darin is also a Winspire partner, and can connect clients with the top luxury ‘bucket-list’ travel provider for benefit auctions in the country!

The Night of the Big Event!

Darin will arrive at a designated time, be available for any last minute changes to the program, and then take command of the stage for the live auction and ‘ask’.

Working with electronic bidding services is no challenge for Darin, and he easily incorporates  ‘donate now’ features on bidding apps into the fundraising, i.e.- the Giving Opportunity (aka- the Ask, Fund-the Mission, Fund-a-Cause…).

No dollar will be left on the table, using recommended protocols and techniques!

After the Event

Available to all clients is a post-event feedback report. Darin will highlight things that worked really well (we’ll do those again!), and talk about challenges from the event, with suggestions on overcoming those challenges in the future.  It’s part of the service that makes Darin a perennial hire for many clients!

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